Week of 1/30/2012:

“Bound Away” by CAKE

This one was on their long-awaited sixth album, “Showroom of Compassion,” which was released in 2011.  I didn’t particularly like the song at the time, but over the past year it’s really grown on me.  (Maybe hearing it performed live in Cleveland helped, or maybe I’m just more amenable to drinking songs now than I was previously.  …I should probably stop drinking so much.)

Week of 2/6/2012:

“Inner City Pressure” by Flight of the Conchords

I got the original Flight of the Conchords album shortly after it was released, and apparently that was almost four years ago now — so I’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of this CD.  This track is one of my favorites: a hilarious, well-executed ’80s parody.  Below is the full-length track as it appears on the album; to see the song with the accompanying video as it originally appeared on their TV show, go here.

Week of 2/13/2012:

“Lost at Sea” by Birdmonster

Remember this?  “Lost at sea…with all your technology, you’re still…lost at…sea.”  I listened to this album repeatedly in the car this week; it’s definitely one of my favorite releases from our high school years.  Too bad their other album was so awful.

Week of 2/20/2012

“Land Ho!” by The Doors

This is from “Morrison Hotel,” my favorite of their albums.  For best listening experience, listen to “Ship of Fools” first and this immediately thereafter, just as Jim Morrison intended.  By the way, although this is only my opinion, I don’t think these songs sound particularly dated.  (Country Joe & the Fish, on the other hand…)