In my most recent Song of the Week post, I mentioned that both Social Distortion and another band I like, the Supersuckers, have been labeled (at least on Wikipedia) as something called “cowpunk.”  Well, today I’m giving you a little taste of the Supersuckers by posting their outstanding live cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song.”

Thin Lizzy’s original studio version from Jailbreak is awesome in its own right, but comparing a studio version to a live cover is perhaps not as good as comparing two live versions.  So here’s Thin Lizzy’s definitive live version, from Live and Dangerous.  (Unfortunately, this YouTube clip won’t do justice to the performance, because it cuts off right before the thrilling segue into “The Boys Are Back in Town.”  And if you didn’t know that the last chord of “Cowboy Song” is the same as the opening chord of “The Boys Are Back in Town,” well, now you know.  And you know that you should get the album!)

And here are the Supersuckers bringing down the house with their live version, as heard on the Warped Tour III Live compilation.