“Gandhi Mandhi Mandhi” by Big Baby Gandhi

So I first heard this when it was posted on my Facebook wall earlier this month; despite my initial skepticism, I ended up liking it.  Don’t consider this an endorsement of anything else he’s done, though, as I haven’t heard any of his other songs.

By “he,” of course, I mean Big Baby Gandhi, who appears to be a young Indian-American rapper from Queens.  Indeed, he describes himself as a “brown phenomenon,” which I guess means that either he’s gunning for Lil B’s audience or he’s a real-life version of Aziz Ansari’s character on Parks and Recreation.

So as one might expect, Big Baby Gandhi is pretty weird/offbeat, but I’m kind of into it.  There’s some clever wordplay in this song, and I dig the moody-jazz-plus-dramatic-choir production.  Needless to say, while I don’t actually have confirmation that hipsters listen to this, it sure as hell isn’t aimed at a mainstream audience.  (Did I mention that this song is from a mixtape called Big Fucking Baby ?  Well, it is.)

UPDATE:  BBG is signed to an indie label run by one of the Das Racist guys, so yeah, this is hipster music.  Also, I listened to a few other songs on the mixtape and didn’t really like them.  I guess the production is what really won me over on this one.