This concert film depicts a 2002 performance by the Strokes in Los Angeles.  First of all, this is a dynamite concert, both in terms of the quality of the performance and in terms of the song selection.  Basically, they play the best songs on Is This It, plus “New York City Cops” and two songs from the nascent Room on Fire.*  A few amusing/interesting things to note:  Julian Casablancas’ drunkenness, the way the members of the band dressed in 2002, and the screaming girls in the audience.  Oh, and most amusing of all:  Many things about this film, from the video quality to the look of the credits at the end, make it seem like it was recorded in the ’70s.  Personally, I think that just makes it seem cooler — although perhaps that’s just my inner Instagram-loving hipster talking.

Regardless, watch some of this concert when you get the chance, and have a rock ‘n’ roll weekend!!!

*Note:  You’re probably best served by clicking “Watch on YouTube” for this particular video, as the uploader there helpfully added time-links in the video description so you can skip from song to song depending on which you want to hear.