I really should get more in the habit of writing more blog posts instead of amassing songs for a couple weeks then posting them all in a mass. Also, Hardiman, your prose and explanations put my posts to shame.

Kitty – The Presidents of the United States

If for some reason you can’t understand ever single lyric in this song, make sure to look them up. I respect these guys for realizing that rock music as a whole takes itself too seriously.

Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men – The Strokes feat. Regina Spektor

Ever since I last was home I’ve been on a big Strokes kick and it led me to this little gem, the B-side from Reptilia. This song simply gets better every time I listen to it.

Humbug – Goldfish

My time with the mini baja team has exposed me to all sorts of new music, but this guy’s voice is definitely the coolest I’ve heard in a while. Check out the other two songs he sings in on this album, too!

High and Dry – Rhythms del Mundo

Well, this song is definitely the hardest song I’ve ever had to find on youtube. It’s a Spanish cover of the Radiohead classic, and it’s awesome, nuff said. Dawg.