Your extremely late post for the week of 6/18/2012…

“No No No” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yes, yes, it’s very funny — the Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrote a song called “No No No.”  Laugh it up.

Have you calmed down yet?  Good.

I like this song a lot, and not just because I can crack terrible jokes about its title.  I read an online comment about this song in which the writer astutely noted that “No No No” plays a critical role in the structure of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ first album, Fever to Tell, as a primarily midtempo song which transitions listeners from the fast-paced, sex-crazed first seven songs on the disc to the more “serious,” less-than-blistering (but still good) final tracks.

Musically, I think the guitar and drum parts in the intro are particularly cool.  But when playing this song at full blast in the car, man… nothing rocks harder than that chorus.  I suppose that’s because it brings the guitar to the forefront, when for most of the song the bass is playing a lead part.  After the three-minute mark, the bass and drums become even more important than before, as the track becomes an extended exercise in dub.  If we view the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as part of a “post-punk revival,” the dub section offers a clear connection with the New Wave of punk/post-punk in the late ’70s and early ’80s, as it mirrors the reggae fixations of bands like the Clash and the Police.