For the week of 8/27/2012…

“Yesterday to Tomorrow” by Audioslave

I needn’t introduce you to Audioslave, which was both one of the better-known rock bands of the 2000s and the answer to the once-burning question, “What would happen if Chris Cornell was the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine?”

But you’re less likely to be familiar with “Yesterday to Tomorrow,” a deep cut from the band’s 2005 sophomore effort, Out of Exile.  It works far better than most slower Audioslave songs, and on a lot of levels.  Cornell’s singing and lyrics do a good job of communicating emotion.  A lot of attention is paid to melody and, with the echo effects on some vocal and guitar parts, mood.  Indeed, Tom Morello temporarily abandons his penchant for metal riffs and inventive but weird solos, managing to play a relatively mellow solo that actually fits with the rest of the song while also showcasing some guitar acrobatics.  By the way, while this is surely slower than Audioslave’s usual fare, “Yesterday to Tomorrow” still has a thumping pulse, thanks especially to Tim Commerford’s killer bass hook.