One month before the Frank Lautenberg Secaucus Junction train station was completed The Wrens released their third album “The Meadowlands”. Multiple occasions throughout the album the band rhymes “Thirteen Grand” with “Meadowlands” just to make it painfully obvious that they are dirt poor and living in Secaucus. However, the melancholy lyrics are accompanied by very bright guitar which actually makes the strip of highway that is Secaucus seem inviting. By the time the B side track “Everyone Choose Sides” rolls around, the lyrics about drudgeries in the swampy part of New Jersey are flipped on their heads. The band makes a turn and describes their existence as thirty year olds living in Secaucus as being “the best seventeen year olds ever”. From here The Wrens proceed to have the bass and both guitars to play lead, and to shoot a music video on a submarine.