This song tells the story of a magical invitation.  Its a simple postcard with no return address stamped with the singer’s name in gold leaf on the front.  It reads (as the chorus of the song goes) “You are invited for anyone to do any thing.  You are invited for all time.”  The story progresses in a singing/speaking monotone backed by nothing but a drum machine that sounds like a robot eating lunch.  He takes the invitation to a club that he could never get into.  The magical invitation works and our protagonist is in the club, drink in hand.  The invitation then leads him to a party thrown by a friend of his ex.  During this sequence the robot drum machine picks up a snare beat and slowly crescendos into one of the most satisfying guitar choruses that I have heard in a while.  It takes about half of the song for the guitar to play a single chord, but when it arrives, accompanied by perfectly placed snare sixteenths, the track really gets its legs.  After using the magical invitation for his own purposes he discovers a crying man who didn’t get to party at all.  In a somber yet fulfilling conclusion the magic invitation is passed along.