For the week of 10/29/2012…

“Since Yesterday” by Strawberry Switchblade

“Since Yesterday,” released in 1984, is one of my favorite one-hit wonders.  It opens with a doleful horn fanfare, snagged from Jean Sibelius’ fifth Symphony, which is quickly offset by the bright sound of a steel-drum-like synthesizer part; then, the big sound of a classic ’80s synth-drum fill kicks the song into gear.  The bright, happy sound of the synth — which in this song falls somewhere between sounding like a steel drum and sounding like a xylophone — and the big beat allow the song to maintain a basically upbeat character, despite the wistful, melancholy vocals.  All things considered, this transitions really nicely with A Flock of Seagulls’ “Transfer Affection” — as it does on my most recent mix.

The coolest part of the song is the synth breakdown at 1:32.

P.S.  The B-side of “Since Yesterday” was a cover of “Sunday Morning.”