For the week of 11/12/2012…

“Next Girl” by the Black Keys

“Next Girl” is, of course, track number two on the Black Keys’ 2010 breakthrough album, Brothers.  Its blues-rock groove and call-and-response guitar are hard to beat, and “well, the look on the cake, it ain’t always the taste/my ex-girl, she had such a… such a beautiful face” is a top-notch opening couplet.  But my priority in posting this is to draw your attention to the song’s music video, which I for one find side-splittingly funny.  In the video, the song is performed by a dinosaur puppet, who is surrounded by fawning babes in bikinis lounging around a hot tub.  As comical as that is, what really pushes the video over the edge into true hilarity is the scrolling marquee at the bottom of the screen, which all the while is disavowing the video as “an attempt by the record label to draw attention to the band using a ridiculous dinosaur puppet” and professing the band’s undying hatred for the whole thing.  Absolutely hilarious; 10/10.