For the week of 11/19/2012…

“Sad Fuzz” by Ty Segall

It’s Thanksgiving break, but instead of going out and carousing, I’m at home, sick.  I guess that means it’s time to post some new music!

On Saturday, Chris and I visited Pure Pop Records in Burlington, Vermont, where I picked up albums by two artists I’ve been getting into lately, Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall.  They are labelmates and are both denizens of an exciting San Francisco garage rock scene that’s produced a lot of terrific material over the last few years.  Just this September, both Thee Oh Sees and Segall released top-notch new albums:  Putrifiers II and Twins, respectively.  Twins is actually the third 2012 LP with Segall’s name on it; earlier, he collaborated with White Fence on a record called Hair, and inaugurated the official Ty Segall Band with Slaughterhouse.  But Twins, his solo effort, is the best of the bunch, delivering knockout after knockout.  It’s the most exciting new album I’ve heard all year, with the possible exception of the Screaming Females’ Ugly.

Anyway, looking to pick up second CDs by these two artists, I bought a 2011 Oh Sees disc, Carrion Crawler/The Dream, and Segall’s 2010 album, Melted.  Melted isn’t as consistently great as Twins, but most of it is pretty damn good and a few tracks are awesome.  One of the songs falling into the latter category, especially upon repeated listens, is “Sad Fuzz.”  Slotted after rollicking single “Girlfriend,” “Sad Fuzz” is slower than most Segall songs, but it exemplifies his ability to write great garage-psych tunes with catchy melodies.  This one, in particular, sounds like a Beatles song, filtered through all the glorious fuzz of Mudhoney in their prime.  No wonder I love it.

I feel like even more big things are coming from this kid, who by the way is only 25 (and therefore was 23 when this song was recorded).  Apparently Spin magazine thinks so too, as they did a lengthy profile of him this month which you can read here.  Rock ‘n’ roll is alive in 2012.