For me, the best music videos and the funniest music videos are often one and the same.  Several pretty hilarious music videos were released this year, including of course those forubiquitous mega-hits “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style.”  But earlier in the year, right here in New Jersey, the Screaming Females shot a darkly humorous video for “It All Means Nothing,” the first track on their excellent new album, Ugly.  Now, it’s true that the ridiculous “Gangnam” video has the edge in the replay count and indeed has basically everything one could hope for in a goofy, foreign pop-music video.  Nevertheless, I have to give the overall edge to the hilariously twisted story of the “It All Means Nothing” video, which has the band’s bassist and drummer discover that singer-guitarist Marissa Paternoster has been cooking and eating cats.  After deliberating over how to stifle this horrifying habit (and drawing up some amusing charts to aid their decision-making process), the reluctant rhythm section settles on murder as the solution to their problem.  The saga continues in their video for “Leave It All Up To Me,” in which some of Paternoster’s Wiccan fans use their black magic to reanimate her corpse.  Zombie-Paternoster returns from her grave to seek revenge on her bandmates.  It’s a grisly storyline indeed, but the band does a good job of making it funny, leaving the impression that they could probably do a little sketch comedy if they weren’t so busy playing rock music all the time.

“It All Means Nothing”

“Leave It All Up To Me”

P.S.  And the 2012 runner-up in the “Best Music Video by a New Jersey Band Which Centers on a Darkly Humorous Murder Plot” category is… Real Estate’s “Easy.”  Surprisingly competitive category, apparently.