It took a while to work up those 2012-in-review posts, so I’ve fallen behind on songs of the week.  However, each week I’ve made a note of the what my song of the week would have been, and now I’m playing a bit of catch-up.  So, for the week of December 31, 2012, my song of the week was:

“What Gets You Alone” by Divine Fits

The debut Divine Fits album was ranked #12 in my run-down of the best albums of 2012, and for good reason:  It’s basically a slice of expertly-crafted New Wave pop-rock that somehow was written and recorded in 2012 instead of 1980.  I recommend buying the CD, and one of the songs I’d most recommend on the album is “What Gets You Alone.”  This is one of the selections sung by Dan Boeckner, formerly of the Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs.  Along with drummer Sam Brown’s pounding beat, the driving rhythm guitar, and the recurring, foreboding, briskly descending piano line, Boeckner’s vocals do a great job of giving the song the sense of urgency and frantic worry that the lyrics imply.  This relentless feeling really only lets up during the bridge, when Britt Daniel’s backing vocals join Boeckner as he confesses, “My heart’s a mess.”  Cue the emotional synth-strings, but keep up the quick tempo with the help of an acoustic rhythm guitar.  And then the pounding drumbeat comes back, heralding the return of the hopelessness of the chorus.  “I never, never, never know what gets you when you’re alone,” Boeckner sings anxiously.  And then he further concedes, “I never, never, never know… what gets you alone.”  A great, great song that also happens to rock.