“Doused” by Diiv

Here’s an example of a great song on an album that otherwise doesn’t do it for me.  As I wrote a few weeks ago:

“I don’t care much for dream-pop or shoegaze music.  But when I read about this Brooklyn band’s debut record, my interest was piqued for a couple of reasons:   First, this band’s sound draws upon ’80s post-punk to a greater extent than most other bands of the shoegaze/dream-pop genre, and second, frontman Zachary Cole Smith supposedly likes Nirvana and draws upon them as an influence as well.  (Of course, Smith’s favorite Nirvana song is on With the Lights Out, so make of that what you will….)  Anyway, the music on Oshin is very pretty, but I found myself wishing that there were more vocals, that the vocals were higher in the mix, and above all that the songs would more frequently incorporate propulsive drumbeats.  One of the album’s singles, ‘Doused,’ is driven by such a beat, and not coincidentally it rocks and stands apart as a great post-punk song.  I wish I liked the rest of the album as much as I like that song.”

More than anywhere else on the album, you can hear some Kurt Cobain in the way Smith sings this particular song.