So, it appears that the revived version of Alice in Chains was pleased enough with their first album with replacement singer William DuVall that they’ve ventured back into the studio.  Perhaps this new song, “Hollow,” heralds the release of a follow-up to the band’s 2009 comeback album, Black Gives Way to Blue.  It looks like they’re sticking to the sound they developed for that album, with DuVall impressively taking over Layne Staley’s parts in harmonies with guitarist-vocalist Jerry Cantrell but rarely elbowing his way to the top of the mix for the kind of raw solo vocals Staley could deliver.  This song, like those on Black Gives Way, is about on par with Cantrell’s solo work and maybe some of the stuff on Alice in Chains’ self-titled final album with Staley — which certainly isn’t to say it’s bad.  But you’re not going to find the classic sound of Facelift and Dirt here, unfortunately.  The video is kind of cool, though.