For the week of 3/11/2013…

“Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell” by the Stooges

A blast of early punk rock was just what the doctor ordered this week.  This one is, of course, from Raw Power, the loud, iconic album the Stooges made in 1973 just before they imploded — or rather, just as they were imploding.  Retitled from “Hard to Beat” for mass consumption, “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell” is still pretty damn nasty.  Iggy Pop aggressively snarls and growls the lyrics, spitting barbs as James Williamson’s manic lead guitar soars over an indifferent sheen of buzzsaw rhythm guitar.  Hell, according to Iggy, in producing the classic mixes of the album, David Bowie fed Scott Asheton’s drums on this track through something called a Time Cube to make it “sound like he’s beating a log.”  Together with the rest of the album, it’s a landmark of the genre.