For the week of 4/8/2013…

“Venus” by Television

From their 1977 debut, Marquee Moon, one of the greatest guitar albums of all time as well one of the greatest in the history of rock music.  Tom Verlaine’s lyrical pedigree shines in songs like “Venus,” the meaning of which is not as clear as is immediately apparent:  Its (metaphorical) central image is the protagonist falling into the arms of the world’s most famous armless statue, the Venus de Milo.  In several respects, it’s a poetic song, but it packs an irreverent punch; fans of the Velvets, the New York Dolls, etc. will no doubt grin at the band’s recurring, exaggerated disbelief that Verlaine didn’t “feel low” (“huh???”).  And the guitar work on this track, as on the rest of the album, is simply gorgeous.  This should be in your collection if it isn’t already.