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After a bit of wikipedia meandering I came upon a page of honorary rock nicknames. Upon reaching Neil Young I was happy to see him dubbed as the “Godfather of Grunge”. I think this song earned him the title.


Get The Led Out

Get The Led Out

“Thalassocracy” by Frank Black

One of my favorite under two minute hard rock bits of all time. The lyrics will never make sense to me. “And make you dance flip flop, flip flop flip/ I want to sing for you make your head go bop bop bop…”
“Im Thalassocracy, you’re just Romanov off off off…”
I think it may have something to do with being ruler of the sea or somebody having hemophilia as a quick dictionary search of thalassocracy revealed. Regardless the quick guitar work and effortless power of Frank Black’s voice combine for a song that will make you’re head go bop bop bop bop bop…

So much funky guitar. Its a shame that the lead singer of this band died in a tragic van accident. The bassist Mike Watt however is alive and kicking and is still up to making good music these days. This song pretty much epitomizes the Minutemen, short sweet and funky.

“Let the products sell themselves!” screams Boon as this funky track gets its legs going. As an ode against rampant consumerism this one takes the cake. “Fuck advertising, Psychological methods to sell should be destroyed!”

Made famous by the Jackass series Corona has become a cult favorite amongst most people who like doing stupid shit and explosions. The screaming treble is once again on showcase in this awesome, short, yet powerful song.

I was recently introduced to Double Nickels on the Dime by one of my professors and I have been addicted ever since. The entire album is comprised of under two minute funky punk freakout sessions. With this slower track the band gives us a brief history of how they got started. D. Boon the lead guitarist brilliantly negates any use of distortion on his guitar but gives the sound edge by eliminating all frequencies except the treble. More to come

“Im a thief and I dig it. I’m up on a beef I’m gonna rig it.” cries the powerful hook of this song. Each verse offers increasingly viable reasons for jawbone to give up the thiefing life only to be answered by an even more passionately sung hook. This call and response paired with the beautiful bluesy guitar organ combo is just one of many reasons this song stands the test of time.

Opus 40 refers to a rock sculpture park and museum in Saugerties, NY. The park consists of winding passageways of interlinking reclaimed quarry rocks. Its layout reminds me of a large wave crashing though the scenic catskill mountains. The dreamy pop sound of Mercury Rev could not have picked a better location to set one of their masterpieces. There’s just something about Mercury Rev that sounds right. They can weave sweeping synths and guitar into a psychedelic dreamworld without ever sounding to grandiose or pompous, which is often a pitfall for would be psychedelic outfits. This is far and away my favorite song about rock sculptures.

Screaming Females, a punk trio hailing from Roselle Park NJ, have always had an intriguing band name. There is only one female in the band but I think that the character of her lead guitar sound gives the band license to pluralize. The track “Boss” is has a great interdependency between the guitar and voice. At points it seems like the singer is literally singing to the guitar itself. Lyrics like “I don’t need you to remind me who’s the boss… I, Cause I could be the boss of you any day, I try really hard” are sung while the guitar is entirely over powering them. The electric strumming is played at a pace that syncopates the singing giving the sound a lot of depth, and the whole thing is played over a really groovy bass and drum part.